Trinity Education Network (TEN) was founded in the San Francisco Bay Area of the United States. TEN is an international platform of educational resources starting from the United States and China.

    TEN serves Chinese international schools with international school operations and management, American sister school relationships, AP curriculum, college counseling, teacher recruitment and dispatching, teacher training, US-China teacher and student exchange and internships, and multiple summer and winter camps.

    TEN picks the best educational resources, then finds the best partnership and links them together into a broad network. The partners at TEN include private and public schools of all ages, including Universities, education non-profit organizations, college admissions counseling, education management, education software, summer/winter camp organization, and international education organization.

    Our Mission

    The mission of TEN is to create the strongest platform and network of resources to help parents and students make the best choices to achieve their maximum potential in life. We will connect all the best partners together so that parents and students can find the best sources for all their needs in the education space. Our strong platform will attract all parents and students and service providers into one ecosystem.

    Our Vision

    Over the next 50 years TEN envisions a huge global demand for international education needs. Our vision is to attract all the valuable partners into our network, from across the world including such countries as USA, China, Germany, Japan, Israel, Australia, Brazil, United Arabia, Philippine, Peru, Egypt, England, New Zealand, Asia, Europe, Middle East, and America. We recognize every county has so many people working hard in the education field. It is TEN's responsibility to link these respectable partners together. A global Trinity Education Network is our vision!

    Core Team

    Joe Koman
    Robert Oppenheimer
    Ben Fobert
    XiaXia Zhang

    Education Team

    Barbara Kalmus

    Barbara graduated from Syracuse University with a Master of Education and has been deeply educated for 38 years; Princeton Education has helped 13,000+ students apply to enter the ideal university; she has extensive experience in SAT learning, and university applications.

    Perry Kalmus

    Graduated from Williams College; In Princeton Education in 2003, he has been committed to teaching innovation, creating an AKALA online learning platform, planning and optimizing the progression process from the 8th grade. The project has been supported by Google.

    Andy Ramirez

    Graduated from Williams College, the first liberal arts college in the United States;Previously recruiting officer at Bowdoin University and Princeton University;Former Princeton Day School Admissions and University Application Guidance Director.

    Casey Rowley

    Served as director of application for admission and university application at Malibu High School in the United States; She is currently serving as the director of the University of Beverly Hills High School for advanced studies and university applications.

    Kellen Williams

    Graduated from the top ranked liberal arts college Williams College; Served as Williams College Admissions Officer.

    Ana Berkman

    Formerly Admissions Officer at Siena College Incumbent Roland Park Country School, Smith Day School, YULA School.

    Nancy Icenhauer

    Engaged in education for 30 years Served as Head of Admission and University Application at West Windsor Plainsboro School, a top public school in the United States Current Princeton Prestigious Hun School Admissions and University Application Guidance Officer